01 Mar-2015


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Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment where independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. It is not only about the physical place, but also about establishing the co-working community that takes entrepreneurs and businesses a long way into achieving their objectives. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one anotherBasically, co-working spaces are the social gatherings of people who are still working independently, but share values, and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other.


  • A co-working space creates a platform for you to meet potential clients.
  • The Office Set Up allows you to enjoy desk chairs as well as enough desk room to spread out all of your computer equipment, papers, and work utensils.
  • Network Without Trying- meet dozens of people with interesting projects by simply working alongside them during the day. Expand your personal and business networks with fun and ease.
  • Legitimate Meeting Space- Although you might be comfortable working from home, it’s hardly a place that you’d like to invite clients. Belonging to a co-working space often includes access to conference rooms, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings.
  • Pick your niche, where you can enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by people who are doing similar work. Co-working spaces are developing for just about every niche
  • Learn something from events and seminars that appeal to you.
  • Work more productively by surrounding yourself with others hard at work. This also increases a sense of community and trust amongst peers.
  • Decrease your feeling of isolation as a freelancer/small business owner
  • Freely handle your business like a boss. Avoid glares from café employees after you plunk yourself down for an eight-hour workday at one of their tables. You don’t have to feel guilty and uncomfortable about working at a co-working space.
  • Co-working Spaces reduce the amount of common office overheads like broadband and printer costs and other amenities- Create new opportunities to collaborate on projects too large for your own business.
  • Not having to be chained to long leases creates flexibility as you grow your business. Co-working spaces can accommodate changes to the size of your team.
  • Work at a high quality office or location otherwise beyond your budget
  • Absorb new ideas from other industries not usually within your network
  • Co-working spaces can ease some of the stress of starting a new business and provide valuable resources and connections you won’t find anywhere else.

They’re popular for the flexibility they offer new businesses, but the real value is in their assisted serendipity: the informal conversations and the expert advice members are happy to offer one another.


At The Foundry, you get the chance to have a fantastic office environment with a great view of nature all round. Together with other prestigious companies neighboring, you get to have an already available network of corporate connections, which could play a big role in the development of your own.

The Foundry is located at the heart of Westlands, surrounded by the superb premises of the Safaricom Headquarters, Toyota Ltd, and West End with easy access to major malls like Sarit Center, The mall, ABC place. It is just a few meters away from the luxurious Vineyard Restaurant, Caramel Restaurant and Java house at @ ABC, and Njuguna’s choma zone. There is easy access to several banks around us like the CFC standbic bank, Nic Bank, Barclays bank, Equity Supreme bank and Co-operative bank.

When should you hire space at The Foundry?

  • You are an entrepreneur starting a new business and is in need of a working space for your computer and files
  • You need a good feel of the corporate environment, where you can have meetings with your clients and potential clients, and conferences.
  • You have insufficient capital to own a fixed fully furnished office for example an office with furniture, equipment like printers and screens for presentations etc.
  • You are a student in need of office space for you to do research and get data you may need for your thesis
  • You are a freelance entrepreneur and need a calm sane workspace where you can get more connections
  • You are a well-established Brand in need of a new branch to start you off at your target region.
  • You are visiting the country and need a fully furnished flexible office space that works for you.

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