01 Mar-2015


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My name is Antony Magayu, but many call me Magugz. I am the Creative director at Brand Design Development (Brand 2D).

The first co-working space I encountered was at Africa Online, where different people in different departments in the company worked in one big open hall. Africa Online offers solutions over satellite, fibre optic and wireless networks. Their expertise mainly lies in designing, installing and operating networks to suit customers’ requirements. This is where I first got the whole idea of a co-working space.

Another example is at iHub. I worked in that space for a week. The layout here is totally different from Africa Online. You get to meet different people from various companies and countries, all working in one big space, running different businesses and projects. My experience here was totally different because when I went there I did not know anyone. However, the people were really warm and social so it was very easy for me to make friends. What I liked most about this co-working space was the fact that most people there worked in the same field, so it was very easy to share and come up with new ideas. There were many discussions on different projects and this created a platform for people to freely consult and ask for help when needed.

I haven’t really had any bad experience with the co-working spaces I have been to. Maybe one thing I can point out is that there is some limitation when you need a quiet space of your own. You might have to go out or to a quiet place with no distractions. However, the pros on co-working spaces by far outweigh the cons when it comes to productivity, especially when you are running a start-up. Co-working spaces save you the stress that come with opening your own office, for instance, furnishing, installing telephone lines, Internet setup, as well the amount of money and energy used in getting you started. You save more at a co-working space because here everything is already set-up for you. All you need is to come with your computer and whatever documents or project you are working on, and use your energy in focusing on growing your business.

Generally, I had a great experience when I started at co-working spaces. I found it really interesting. I still have the people I worked with in my contact list, whom I still do business with today and this has really worked out for me in a great way. I am very excited to see a better and even more creative and convenient co-working space at The Foundry. This will bring add to the diversity and create more developments around this area. This is a very good idea.

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